Ortac_Rx is a general purpose DSP receiver designed to have a simple front end, but having full capabilities within. It is compatible with Windows 7 to 11.

Features: –

  1. Simple User interface (KISS)
  2. SSB, CW, AM, FM, FM-Stereo, DMR
  3. Audio recorder/player
  4. IQ recorder/player
  5. Simple Channel Banks
  6. Pseudo Accurate dBm calibration
  7. Accurate modulation depth display
  8. Peak tune functions on FFT display
  9. Small Screen Footprint
  10. Fairly low CPU load

You can read the full manual, which describes the functions and operation of the software here : –

Ortac_Rx has three build variants, each optimised to work with a family of radios: –


Works with the SDRPlay series of radios : –

Read more about SDRPlay radios at https://www.sdrplay.com/products/


Works with RTL2832u devices which have the Rafael Micro R820T, R820T2 or R860 RF tuner, examples are : –

Read more about RTL-SDR at https://www.rtl-sdr.com/about-rtl-sdr/


Works with these AirSpy radios : –

Read more about AirSpy radios at https://airspy.com/.

Video of the FFTForm of Ortac_Rx_Splay using an RSPdx listening to 40m Amateur band.